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ProcessMAP Perspectives - Why You Must Invest in Safety Audit Software

Environmental health and safety teams across numerous industries continue to search for techniques and tools to bolster workplace safety. A large number have invested in desktop and mobile applications designed to improve core EHS functionalities, including safety auditing.

Almost 60 percent of EHS teams attest to using these assets to assess their facilities and log incidents, according to research from Verdantix. Why? This software comes with numerous benefits like streamlined processing, improved worker safety, stronger compliance practices, and many more. Mobile-ready auditing software can promote stronger compliance practices, as it allows EHS teams to easily pinpoint, and log hazards and mitigation techniques, while also cultivating sound audit trails. 

Download our latest ProcessMAP Perspectives by Ashish Mohanty, Head of ProcessMAP India Operations, and get a better understanding of why  organizations must invest in adopting robust safety audit software to drive comprehensive EHSQ excellence.  

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