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Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Auditing Software - Part 2

In Part I, we touched upon the challenges faced by EHSQ stakeholders in effortlessly conducting audits and the urgent need for an efficient and modern solution that enterprises can leverage to drive safety and compliance. Traditional audit solutions that include paper-based systems, spreadsheets, in-house applications woefully fail to scale up to match the needs of today's enterprises. One cannot rely on solutions from 90's to solve the business needs and challenges of 2020s! 

Embracing the Modern Alternative

The reality of today's business challenges has forced EHS teams to consider more modern auditing tools capable of streamlining the shop floor review process and supporting optimal internal and external data flow. Mobile auditing software is the most popular solution - and for good reason!

Mobile auditing solutions are often accompanied by user-friendly interfaces that take the place of clipboards and laptops, offering EHS teams the opportunity easily view and address findings and action items linked to pre-configured deadlines. These systems also facilitate question scoring, meaning EHS teams can weight specific auditing queries based on importance and track progress.audit

On top of this, such software has the ability to connect with and access existing caches of historical data to lend EHS teams context as they review safety protocols. These features alone make mobile auditing software an immensely powerful EHS program management tool, allowing businesses to cultivate sound shop floor evaluation workflows that bolster workplace safety and generate returns. However, the portability of these applications is perhaps their most biggest selling point. EHS personnel with access to mobile auditing software can easily conduct onsite evaluations and build robust databases simultaneously, without post-review data management work.

In today's regulatory environment, businesses can no longer afford to maintain outdated auditing processes that consume company resources yet fail to improve workplace safety.

EHS leaders in today's fast-paced businesses must adopt mobile auditing software to facilitate transparent, responsive, and easy-to-maintain workplace safety programs geared to simplify compliance and minimize or eliminate workplace safety and health risks.

Here at ProcessMAP, we help firms of all sizes develop and deploy cutting-edge workplace safety methodologies via an innovative suite of EHS tools, which includes our leading mobile audit management software. Our solutions facilitate seamless data collection and analysis efforts, while addressing ancillary issues such as regulatory compliance and profitability. Connect with us today to learn how our solutions can future-proof your EHS audit operations. Additionally, let us know in the comments below, how do you manage your audits and compliance initiatives today. 


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