Native or Hybrid – the Mobile App Developer’s Dilemma!

Posted by Eugene Kouroptev on July 25, 2018

 The popularity for the EHS mobile apps have started gaining momentum in the recent years. The driving factors behind the skyrocketing demand is undoubtedly the requisition of features like real-time updates, easy data entry, and better insights on risk and incident management. Being the pioneers of cloud-based integrated EHS Management Software providers, ProcessMap geared up to join the “mobile first” bandwagon in the EHS industry.


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Have You Connected Industrial IoT to Your Digital EHS Vision, Yet?

Posted by Dexter King, CDS, CESCO, CFSM on April 20, 2018

Bottomline! The magic word that casts a long shadow on all of our business decisions, and yet there is never a point where we can say, “Ah! I don’t want any additional profitability”. In fact, one of the key drivers of tangible profitability - Employee Health & Safety – is increasingly stealing the spot light while simultaneously undergoing an unprecedented state-of-the-art transformation. This transformation is triggered by the realization of the potentially endless possibilities of connecting industrial IoT to robust and comprehensive safety management software.

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Understanding the Importance of Safety

Posted by ProcessMAP on April 6, 2018

During the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health conference, a shocking statistic was made public, according to Straits Times: 9 out of every 10 deaths in the construction industry could be attributed to employees learning unsafe behavior when training for the job. This line of thinking doesn't start with workers, though—it begins with the company itself.

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Reduction of Frequency or Reduction of Severity – What is Your Organization’s Goal? - Part 2

Posted by Dexter King, CDS, CESCO, CFSM on March 13, 2018

In Part I of this 2-part series, we discussed commonly used strategies that may be used to target Reduction of Frequency.  Specifically; how health and safety management software has encouraged many organizations to refocus and rededicate their current-state EHS training management system.  Also, continuous improvement efforts have greatly enhanced traditional approaches with the digitization of behavior-based safety software applications.  All of these are significant contributors on the path of frequency reduction – but a focus on severity reduction may be approached in an entirely different manner.    

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Next-Generation Tools for Safety Management in Manufacturing

Posted by Eugene Kouroptev on February 6, 2018

Data analytics in manufacturing facilities has provided safety managers with in-depth knowledge on worker performance, efficiency, and even maintenance and operations. As manufacturers aim for operational excellence, data analytics is also helping to improve overall safety within facilities and plants. By gaining insight into safety-related issues, safety managers can proactively manage workplace risk and mitigate on-the-job injuries. 

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Why you should focus on incident management

Posted by David Castella on January 22, 2018

Workplace safety lapses continue to occur despite the development of preventive engineering solutions. Employers reported 2.9 million nonfatal worker injuries and illnesses in 2016, according to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. More shockingly, more than 5,100 employees died on the clock over the same 12-month span. While both of these figures constitute historical lows, room for significant improvement exists. Environmental health and safety stakeholders can catalyze progress and see further reductions in worker injury and fatality rates by putting into place formalized incident management strategies and the tools that support them.

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Why OSHA safety software is a good thing for compliance

Posted by Dave Rath on November 1, 2017
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued more than 58,700 violations in 2016, according to internal agency records. Total violations have dropped precipitously for the last six years. 

However, fine amounts have risen significantly over the same period. Now, those who receive serious violations incur penalties of $12,675 per safety infraction, while willful or repeat offenders - more than 6 percent of all violators recorded in 2016 - must pay fines of $126,749 per violation. In short, while many organizations are improving their health and safety protocols and allocating more resources toward compliance, they are likely to pay hefty penalties for the smallest of miscues.

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