9 Tips for Preventing Harmful Lead Exposure

Posted by Mabely Wise on December 5, 2016

As you know, protecting employees from harmful exposures can be a daunting task, often more complex than preventing injuries, as employees frequently don't recognize or report issues until well after they materialize. Health and Safety professionals sometimes fall into a game of catch-up, trying to protect other workers from being affected by the same illness. Dangerous substances won't be noticed in time without proactive environment sampling and employee monitoring.

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New OSHA Silica Standard: What You Need to Know

Posted by Ann Dohler, RN, BSN on August 25, 2016

OSHA has updated its silica exposure regulations for the first time since 1971. The final rule took effect on June 23. Depending on the industry, employers have between one to five years to comply. Silica, also known as quartz, is the second most common mineral found in the earth’s crust and is known to cause lung disease and cancer. Exposure to this common and dangerous substance is prevalent in various industries including construction, fracturing, and quartz counter manufacturing.

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How to Demonstrate the Business Value of Industrial Hygiene Data Management

Posted by Mabely Wise on August 1, 2016

Industrial Hygiene (IH) is one of the least mentioned yet one of the most valuable Occupational Health and Safety sciences that organizations can practice to protect workers’ health.

However, the business value of IH Programs can only be truly perceived and communicated to business leaders when effective data management of health hazard exposure and occupational disease risk is performed.

Demonstrating the business value of IH programs to the C-Suite requires Industrial Hygienists or EHS professionals to understand the IH Hazards associated with organizational processes, how they are impacting – or can impact – business objectives, and how they affect the bottom line.

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