Understanding the Importance of Safety

Posted by ProcessMAP on April 6, 2018

During the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health conference, a shocking statistic was made public, according to Straits Times: 9 out of every 10 deaths in the construction industry could be attributed to employees learning unsafe behavior when training for the job. This line of thinking doesn't start with workers, though—it begins with the company itself.

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Common Elements That Can Be Dangerous In The Workplace

Posted by Dave Rath on December 21, 2017

Companies that fail to provide their employees with a safe working environment are leaving themselves open to both legal action and federal citations. As our work/life balance continues to skew toward the workplace, there is an expectation that employers should be taking safety as seriously as they do the bottom line.

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Using Scorecards to Track Leading Safety Performance Activities - Part 2

Posted by Loren Bowe, CSP, PE on June 6, 2017

Leading and lagging safety performance metrics can be used together to drive and monitor safety improvement. Examples of leading metrics can include safety activity completion, employee engagement, and culture surveys. Typical lagging safety metrics include injury totals and rates. Part I of this blog series, “Using Leading Safety Performance Activities to Improve Safety” provided recommendations on establishing a leading safety activity program. Part II, this blog, focuses on creating a scoring metric for the completion of leading safety activities. A leading safety activity score (or completion percentage) can be calculated to track completion of the activities throughout the year. This score can be incorporated in a scoring system (safety scorecard) to set goals and track progress.

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Reducing Retail Safety Claims and Injuries Is Easier Than You Think

Posted by Harold Gubnitsky on February 7, 2017

As you may know, the retail industry is vulnerable to employee and consumer injuries.

Slips and falls, musculoskeletal disorders and other commonplace injuries can plague both sides of the aisle—and cost companies a pretty penny. It's time to stop shelling out for avoidable accidents and take action to reduce the cost of safety claims moving forward.

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