Reduction of Frequency or Reduction of Severity – What is Your Organization’s Goal? - Part 1

Posted by Dexter King, CDS, CESCO, CFSM on March 6, 2018

As a Safety professional, I have been on both sides of this question and different arguments are presented by different stakeholders. 

  • Should your organization have a risk function that operates autonomously from the EH&S Function, the debate may be more focused on reduction of severity. 
  • Should EH&S align with an operational component, the benchmark may be slanted towards reduction of frequency. 
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3 ways compliance auditing software can pay for itself

Posted by Harold Gubnitsky on November 7, 2017

Businesses embarking on environmental health and safety improvement activities sometimes balk at the notion of implementing new backend tools, such as compliance auditing software, that catalyze EHS growth. Installation can require considerable time and corporate resources. In the end, EHS stakeholders are reluctant to commit to these expenditures in fear of implementing solutions that generate paltry return on investment. However, powerful, well-tested compliance auditing solutions like the one we produce at ProcessMAP can reliably deliver optimal ROI, ultimately paying for themselves not long after the implementation process has concluded. How?

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Tips to make the EHS Audits Effective

Posted by David Castella on March 4, 2015

Poor preparation in Audit Management doubles the effort required to comply and often produceshighly unwanted results

Current trends show regular EHS audits have become a part of EHS planning in many organizations, allowing for better relaying of EHS performance to all the stakeholders viz. shareholders, the public, community, the workers and key decision makers. Most importantly, EHS performance can help you identify the grey areas that need immediate attention.

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