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New Verdantix Report on Financial Return of EHS Software

We’re excited to share that this month, Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in environment, health, safety and quality, released a new report on ProcessMAP’s product strategy. The report, titled “ProcessMAP’s Product Strategy Strengthens the Financial Return of EHS Software,” highlights a few key areas of our strategy and how we’re meeting customer requirements in the areas of ROI, analytics and demonstrating value proposition of EHS software. 

As our customers know, at ProcessMAP we’re focused on maximizing the value of EHS software via improved analytics, and on strengthening the abilities of EHS leaders to demonstrate the financial benefit of strong EHS management. With challenges like employee engagement in EHS, securing budget allocation, and leveraging ever-increasing data, the Verdantix analysis suggests that our product strategy will help customers achieve these goals and maximize return on their EHS software.

Recent Growth and Success 

The report highlights how ProcessMAP software was recently rated as a ‘Leader’ for the second time in the Verdantix benchmark of the 20 leading EHS software providers. Since our founding, we’ve grown to nearly 300 employees with offices in Florida and India, and 2.5 million licensed users around the world. 

We’ve deeply penetrated the manufacturing, automotive, construction and life sciences industries with customers like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Becton Dickinson, Johnson Controls, CBRE, USG Corporation, Walgreens, US foods and PPG. To help these customers, we’ve invested in functionality that clarifies the financial value add of EHS software and have long retained more functionality in workers’ compensation than of our competitors.

Analytics and Worker Safety

The report also discusses how ProcessMAP has evolved to become an EHS software provider offering a robust platform for EHS management with specific strengths in workers’ compensation, analytics and safety management. We’ve listened closely to customer feedback over the years, adding mobile apps and a mobile-first interface to make safety participation easy, incorporating rich functionality for industrial hygiene and occupational health, and providing hard evidence for the ROI of EHS software. 

ProcessMAP is committed to helping EHS leaders demonstrate the benefits of EHS software to their finance teams by showcasing the dedicated functionality that automatically tracks claims statuses, records applicable financial metrics, and integrates claims management with broader incident management. This functionality ensures creation of a sound safety culture and helps to ensure businesses meet their financial objectives.

Value Proposition for Frontline Workers

Lastly, Verdantix highlights how we’re evolving to meet customer requests that call for a more intuitive user interface and robust analytics – all to continue helping the frontline worker. These software improvements maximize safety engagement at the front lines, maximize the benefits of EHS and operations data convergence, and ensure every employee knows how to unlock the value in EHS software. 

We’ll continue to listen to our customers’ needs and adjust our strategy and software to meet those requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help augment your EHS and risk practices.  

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For access to the full report, please visit the Verdantix website, here.