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Safety Tech Trends in the Fleet Service Industry in 2017 (Guest Blog)

Posted by Jennifer Birch on March 30, 2017

With road accident figures still at an alarming rate, it can be quite unnerving thinking about general road safety. An article published by Fortune revealed that “2016 was the deadliest year on American roads in nearly a decade,” with 40,000 people dying last year due to crashes, which is 6% higher than the statistics in 2015. These figures have a trickle-down effect, not only impacting drivers’ families, but also industries such as the transportation sector and fleet services.

For fleet companies, the road is their bread and butter. On a daily basis, they are faced with accidents that impact their businesses. But, recent developments in technology have offered them a solution to promote and exercise safety for their drivers and their vehicles.

Read on below to find out the top safety tech trends that will reshape the fleet service industry in 2017.

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