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As Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Dave is responsible for building a world class sales organization, managing the day-to-day functions and strategy for the ProcessMAP EHS SaaS platform, managing new customer acquisitions for strategic accounts, and providing thought leadership to customers and prospects in North America. Dave leads the sales team that is responsible for generating new software as a service (SaaS) EHS accounts in various industries. Prior to joining ProcessMAP, Dave held various leadership roles, including Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Partnerships/Alliances with several industry leading e-learning companies and financial institutions including First Data, Global Data,, and Blackboard.

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Why you should focus on incident management

Posted by David Castella on January 22, 2018

Workplace safety lapses continue to occur despite the development of preventive engineering solutions. Employers reported 2.9 million nonfatal worker injuries and illnesses in 2016, according to data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. More shockingly, more than 5,100 employees died on the clock over the same 12-month span. While both of these figures constitute historical lows, room for significant improvement exists. Environmental health and safety stakeholders can catalyze progress and see further reductions in worker injury and fatality rates by putting into place formalized incident management strategies and the tools that support them.

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The top 10 OSHA citations for 2017

Posted by David Castella on December 14, 2017

Representatives from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration recently announced the top 10 workplace safety violations for 2017. The agency personnel publicized the information during the National Safety Council Congress and Expo, as has become custom. Patrick Kapust, deputy director for the OSHA Directorate of Enforcement Programs, led the announcement and offered some historical context to the new data set, Safety and Health Magazine reported.

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How to spearhead a health and safety management overhaul at your organization

Posted by David Castella on November 3, 2017
Businesses that are able to turn the EHS corner often lean on internal champions who harness resources inside and outside the organization to overhaul safety management practices.  Organizations across numerous industries have been actively working to improve workplace safety in recent years. These efforts are paying off.
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Common Safety Management Myths Debunked

Posted by David Castella on February 9, 2017

Workplace safety best practices are often intangible characteristics that employees take on as their own, so it makes sense that there are a few misconceptions floating around.

When there's not an exact science as to how to keep employees safe, there's bound to be confusion about what's true and what isn't. We're here to clear a few things up for you.

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Celebrate 12 Days of Workplace Safety

Posted by David Castella on December 27, 2016

Bonuses, a party and some kind words from the head honcho are great gifts every employee looks forward to, but what about safety?

In honor of the approaching holidays, here are some safety tips any company can incorporate to make sure everyone is able to spend time with their family instead of nursing an injury.

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Driving EHS performance with data-informed decisions

Posted by David Castella on November 14, 2016

You can never have too much data. Businesses now use troves of numbers and analytics to drive better workplace safety decisions.

Front and center in this transition from intangible to tangible insights is Environmental, Health and Safety software, which has become a vehicle for the transformation of employee safety.

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Mitigate health and safety risk and reap financial rewards with EHS software

Posted by David Castella on September 26, 2016

When it comes to workplace safety, health and safety managers can never take too many precautions. But routine procedure can fall by the wayside to quicker methods that create more profit but also additional risk.

Small and mid-sized business often don't realize they can have the best of both worlds. Environmental, Health and Safety software provides a streamlined and transparent safety culture, all the while ensuring its return on investment.

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4 proven strategies to reduce injuries and risk on the job

Posted by David Castella on July 19, 2016

Workplace safety isn't something you just stumble upon - it's cultivated and fostered through a number of different methods.

Looking for a few ways to keep your workers safe during the next project? Here are a few to get you started:

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The Changing Shape of BI: Are we Doing Enough?

Posted by David Castella on April 29, 2015

Recently, I came across an article which mentions BIG DATA 1.0 was all about storing volumes of independent silos of data to provide competitive advantage to business. Organizations would toy with Data Mining architecture to generate meaningful content. There is much hype and hoopla surrounding the analysis of independent silos of data, but is it worth the effort? The deluge of data is difficult to store, capture and visualize. A proliferation of diverse datasets- from historical data to recordable data and from safety records to sustainability data is even difficult to manage.

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Tips to make the EHS Audits Effective

Posted by David Castella on March 4, 2015

Poor preparation in Audit Management doubles the effort required to comply and often produceshighly unwanted results

Current trends show regular EHS audits have become a part of EHS planning in many organizations, allowing for better relaying of EHS performance to all the stakeholders viz. shareholders, the public, community, the workers and key decision makers. Most importantly, EHS performance can help you identify the grey areas that need immediate attention.

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