Knowing is half the battle: How integrated training management can prevent safety accidents

Posted by Dave Rath on October 7, 2016
Keeping workers safe on the job requires a holistic approach, and without training management software, it's difficult to ensure that the right employees get the right training at the right time.

Keeping workers safe on the job requires a holistic approach, though it can be challenging. On any given day, a safety manager can be running from worksite to worksite ensuring employees aren't harmed, as well as creating and executing training programs.

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Topics: EHS, OSHA, Risk & Compliance, Training

Are You Protecting Your Temporary Workers? Learn More

Posted by Harold Gubnitsky on May 13, 2015

Fatal work injuries involving contractors accounted for 12 percent or 542 of the 4,693 fatal work injuries reported in 2011 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Recently, there have been numerous fatalities involving temporary workers their first day on the job. Davis, a 20 year old contract worker at Bacardi Bottling plant was crushed by a palletizer machine as he was not trained on the lock-out and tag-out procedure.

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Topics: EHS, Incident Management System, Safety, OSHA, Training

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