Implementing Environmental, Health, and Safety Software

Posted by Brian Stenson on August 24, 2015

So, you want to implement software to manage Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) related risk within your organization?

Managing risk is an important part of what an EHS professional does every day. I should know; I spent 15 years designing and running programs designed to maintain compliance, support operations, control costs, and most importantly…keep people safe. 

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Energy Efficiency - Discover the Cost Saving Potential.

Posted by Gregory Monzo on June 10, 2015

 According to a report from McKinsey, the United States could save as much as $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years while only investing half of that amount in energy efficiency initiatives. The resulting savings would cut energy use about 23% by the year 2020, an astounding figure.

A proactive approach to energy efficiency and management represents, in effect, a considerable energy resource. A correct approach would incorporate all elements of society and commerce and reap almost unheard-of dividends, but would require widespread adoption.

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Incentives of Sustainability Reporting

Posted by Dave Rath on April 15, 2015

During the last decade, the reporting of nonfinancial information has become widespread. While only 44 firms followed the Global Reporting Initiative‘s (GRI) guidelines to report sustainability information in 2000, the number grew to 1,973 by 2010. National governments and stock exchanges have promoted sustainability reporting by adopting laws and regulations that specifically mandate this form of disclosure.

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Monitoring Global Carbon Intensity and Policy Implications

Posted by Jagan Garimella on March 18, 2015 defines emission intensity as “the volume of emissions per unit of GDP”. The purpose of this metric is to determine the financial implication of polluting so that the policymakers can come up with a budget to mitigate the damage.

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ROI (Return on Investment) of Corporate Sustainability

Posted by Harold Gubnitsky on February 19, 2015

At a recent alumni meeting at my college, I overheard someone say “the sole purpose of a company is to generate returns for its shareholders, so why should I invest in sustainability decreasing my profit and thus the return of my shareholders”.

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Industry’s Growing Attraction to New Sustainability Scorecards

Posted by Jagan Garimella on February 5, 2015

My anticipation of the GRI 4.0 guidelines, which are to be released in the later part of May, led me to consider what are benefits reaped from companies answering long questionnaires or maintaining sustainability scorecards? Also, who uses these scorecards, and why?

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Get Started with Sustainability Reporting

Posted by Gregory Monzo on January 8, 2015

By implementing Sustainability practices, a company can outperform the expectations of its stakeholders, embracing global challenges – turning them into opportunities. In order to create long term value, it is essential to have accurate financial and non-financial data. Access to reliable data empowers the company with smart decision making, bringing the company one step closer to meeting targets and effectively influencing behavior. Currently, the principal means of communication to stakeholders is the annual ‘Sustainability Report’.Here goes the simple 5-step roadmap provided by GRI, the company which supplies the framework that is widely used by most of the companies for sustainability reporting

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