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Ready, Set, Save: How EHS Software Protects Worker Lives and Bottom Lines

Posted by Jagan Garimella on February 28, 2017

The most important asset for a company isn't its intellectual property or product, but the employee who either puts it together or sells to the customer.

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Topics: EHS Software, Safety, Business Insights, health and safety management

Infographic: Preventing Avoidable Workplace Incidents in the Automotive Industry

Posted by Jagan Garimella on January 19, 2017

Every day, a mechanic should arrive at work focused on how he'll piece together an engine after repairing the flywheel rather than the dangers that come with the endeavor.

Mechanics and manufacturing employees are tasked with some of the most daunting repairs that stretch them to not only their limits mentally, but physically as well. With thousands of pounds of metal hanging above workers, sharp tools in use and repetitive motions a mainstay technique, it's clear more safety and precaution is needed to prevent some of the more foreseeable incidents.

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Topics: EHS, Safety, OSHA, Business Insights, Automotive, Safety Training

4 safety tips that save workers' lives

Posted by Jagan Garimella on October 11, 2016

As the seasons change, so do the dangers posed to workers. While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a number of regulations in place to curb the risks associated with many jobs, the truth is the agency is quite small.

There's just one OSHA officer for roughly every 60,000 workers, according to OSHA, which means safety managers carry the bulk of the responsibility in making sure employees and their work environment are safe.

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Topics: EHS, Incident Management System, Business Insights

What Role Will the Internet of Things Play in Transportation and Logistics Safety?

Posted by Jagan Garimella on September 13, 2016

What do a warehouse employee, driver and retail store have in common? They're all connected by the Internet of Things—a technology taking over and revolutionizing transportation and logistics.
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Workplace Ergonomics: Why is it really Important?

Posted by Jagan Garimella on May 27, 2015

Ergonomic Injury is like slow poison – It affects your body over a period often making it incurable.

Why should an Organization perform an Ergonomic Assessment?

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Topics: EHS, Safety, Ergonomics, EHS Management System, Business Insights

Monitoring Global Carbon Intensity and Policy Implications

Posted by Jagan Garimella on March 18, 2015 defines emission intensity as “the volume of emissions per unit of GDP”. The purpose of this metric is to determine the financial implication of polluting so that the policymakers can come up with a budget to mitigate the damage.

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Topics: GRI, Environmental, EHS Software, Sustainability, Business Insights

Industry’s Growing Attraction to New Sustainability Scorecards

Posted by Jagan Garimella on February 5, 2015

My anticipation of the GRI 4.0 guidelines, which are to be released in the later part of May, led me to consider what are benefits reaped from companies answering long questionnaires or maintaining sustainability scorecards? Also, who uses these scorecards, and why?

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Topics: Environmental, EHS Software, Environmental & Sustainability Performance, Sustainability, EHS Management System, Business Insights

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