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Everything You Need To Know About OSHA's New Health and Safety Guidelines

Posted by Gregory Monzo on February 22, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently released best practice guidelines for health and safety management in the construction industryits first such update in nearly 30 years.

While the announcement doesn't contain any changes in legislation, it does provide important and useful insights safety managers can absorb and disseminate throughout their workplaces.

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The 2016 Top 10 OSHA Citations and Proactive Prevention

Posted by Gregory Monzo on January 17, 2017

Another year, another opportunity for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to inform business owners and safety managers alike of what regulations companies are violating the most.

The annual top 10 OSHA citations list has increasingly become a valuable tool in assessing workplace hazards and, when paired with a proactive approach to employee safety, can facilitate a much safer work environment.

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Does Safety Management Software Make Sense for Small Businesses?

Posted by Gregory Monzo on October 17, 2016

Small and medium-sized businesses are the foundation of employment in America, accounting for roughly 65 percent of all new jobs established since 1995, and half of all positions currently held in the country, or 120 million people, according to Forbes.

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Goodbye back-seat driving: Predictive analytics transforming transportation and logistics safety

Posted by Gregory Monzo on September 1, 2016

With the trove of data from IoT comes an opportunity for safety managers: They can leverage information with predictiveanalytics to better keep employees safe on the job.

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Putting the brakes on old safety practices in the automotive industry

Posted by Gregory Monzo on July 13, 2016

Automobile manufacturing is an exact science, and it's time the safety practices surrounding it become one too. Employees have been exposed to dangerous conditions for far too long - it's time to align behavior-based safety with new age data.

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OSHA's New Final Rule Regarding the Electronic Submission of Data

Posted by Gregory Monzo on June 3, 2016

OSHA recently passed a new rule affecting  employers who are currently required to  maintain injury and illness information. If your  organization falls into this category, it will also  have to submit the information electronically to  OSHA. This new rule, an amendment to the  recordkeeping regulations detailed in 29 CFR part 1904, 

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Energy Efficiency - Discover the Cost Saving Potential.

Posted by Gregory Monzo on June 10, 2015

 According to a report from McKinsey, the United States could save as much as $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years while only investing half of that amount in energy efficiency initiatives. The resulting savings would cut energy use about 23% by the year 2020, an astounding figure.

A proactive approach to energy efficiency and management represents, in effect, a considerable energy resource. A correct approach would incorporate all elements of society and commerce and reap almost unheard-of dividends, but would require widespread adoption.

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EHS Compliance Data Systems – The Past, The Present and The Future!

Posted by Gregory Monzo on March 5, 2015

The best way to tackle Compliance is to Comply Smartly

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Get Started with Sustainability Reporting

Posted by Gregory Monzo on January 8, 2015

By implementing Sustainability practices, a company can outperform the expectations of its stakeholders, embracing global challenges – turning them into opportunities. In order to create long term value, it is essential to have accurate financial and non-financial data. Access to reliable data empowers the company with smart decision making, bringing the company one step closer to meeting targets and effectively influencing behavior. Currently, the principal means of communication to stakeholders is the annual ‘Sustainability Report’.Here goes the simple 5-step roadmap provided by GRI, the company which supplies the framework that is widely used by most of the companies for sustainability reporting

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